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Drive business to your dealership ... again and again

An innovative automotive marketing service driven by cutting-edge processes and technology that provides effective long-term and short-term customer loyalty programs designed to achieve tangible, measurable results for your business. Our automotive marketing service will help you:

  • Increase sales and service traffic
  • Get more referrals
  • Maximize profit potential
  • Create an effective car dealership reward program

With more than 30 years of customer loyalty and automotive marketing experience, First Marketing’s professionals provide turnkey management for every phase of your loyalty program.

Assessment adds up to results
Identify specific challenges and opportunities with our comprehensive car dealership assessment that results in the creation of a customer loyalty program design that fits your unique business.

Take a FREE assessment.
To schedule a FREE complete assessment at your automotive dealership or corporate office, call 1.800.736.0145 or e-mail [email protected].

Data evaluation to understand your customers
Develop an intimate understanding of your customers with these data services:

  • Database analysis and cleaning to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Development of “best customer/likely prospect” profiles for market segmentation
  • Evaluation of sales and service purchasing trends
  • Identification of specific challenges and opportunities for increasing customer loyalty, designing car dealership reward programs and maximizing profit potential with custom communications solutions

Personalized communication touchpoints provide targeted automotive marketing solutions
An ongoing communications program and marketing service for automotive dealerships that is personalized and targeted to provide each customer relevant information and promotional offers can help you meet your short-term and long-term loyalty goals. First Marketing not only helps you design a robust custom reward program for your car dealership, it provides you with a full range of personalized customer communications, including:

  • Welcome Kit — Mailed monthly to new members. Introduces the full scope of program benefits and encourages the use of your member Web site.
  • Member Web site — Offers password-protected login to Web site where members can check account balances, view account history and redeem reward points.
  • One-to-one communications — Welcome e-mails and newsletters are personalized with account balance updates, special promotional offers and timely news. Targeting these communications based on program usage encourages increased participation.
  • Newsletters — Showcase your products, services and special offers to increase showroom traffic, repeat sales, referrals and service business.
  • E-news — A highly customized e-mail newsletter offering the convenience of real-time delivery and trackable response.
  • In-store promotional materials — Posters, counter cards, mirror hangers and other collateral materials keep your program top-of-mind with customers and employees.
  • Additional services — Seeded Service Mailings, Call Center Services, Special Events and Publication Advertising, Customer Walkout Management.

Cardless technology provides a system that’s ready to roll
Your car dealership reward program, comes with a cardless technology system. No magnetic cards or readers are required and there’s no hardware to install. Your system features an exclusive Web-based Auto Enrollment Process including:

  • Program launch with selection criteria determined to target existing customer database
  • Member enrollment and processing of member data
  • Mailing member welcome materials
  • Ongoing updates of selection criteria, weekly reports, new member entry and welcome material mailings

Training and call center support
You’ll experience the long-term benefit of initial in-person training and consultation at your car dealership or corporate office. Automotive loyalty professionals who specialize in designing customer loyalty programs fuel our unique automotive marketing service. They provide intensive on-site sessions to help you and your staff identify challenges and opportunities to maximize profit potential.

We offer a Virtual Customer Care Center for inbound call center support with an 800 number and voice recognition that transfers customers to you. Optional outbound call center support is also available.

Program measurements find out what works for you
Track your program’s progress to ensure its success with monthly or weekly reports and ongoing program analysis from your account manager. First Marketing also provides these market research services that allow you to measure returns on your marketing investment:

  • RPM (Results & Profitability Measurement) demonstrates the impact of effective customer communications on your bottom line.
  • TACH (Traffic Analysis & Customer History) Report evaluates the performance of your loyalty program analyzing transactions and customer enrollment and suggesting program refinements.
  • Dealer exit meetings provide opportunities to measure the impact of the program and identify additional opportunities that may be available.
  • Lost income reports measure income and profits the car dealership would have realized and estimates additional income the dealership can expect with the program.

Create Return on Loyalty (ROL) at your car dealership with First Marketing’s solutions. Create custom car dealership reward programs that work. When customers return, your return takes off.

Once you’ve completed the survey, we’ll contact you to review your responses and schedule a FREE complete marketing assessment at your automotive dealership. If you prefer, call 1.800.736.0145 to schedule your FREE complete assessment directly.



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