> What if you were able to harness your customers’ true potential? Not just a single sale, but a lifetime of business.
> What if you were able to get them to refer their friends and family? All of them.
> What if you could do it all with the push of a button?

Welcome to Loyalty Accelerator First Marketing’s turnkey Loyalty Rewards Program designed exclusively to help automotive dealers build long-term, profitable customer relationships.

Loyalty Accelerator gives you the power to incent, track and reward profitable customer behavior, without the hassle of swipe cards and costly kiosks.

Our comprehensive program includes everything you need to run a successful loyalty program, including strategic consultation, one-to-one member communications, in-store promotional materials and ongoing training and support.

Plus, your loyalty program is 100% measurable. You’ll receive regular activity reports and effectiveness studies to help you gauge success.


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