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A leading telecommunications and
entertainment company that provides
high-speed Internet, digital cable TV
and digital voice service.

Operating in one of the nation’s largest, most competitive and most sophisticated markets, the company needed a high-touch product that would appeal to its tech-savvy customer base.

Increase sales and use of all products.

Sell additional services to existing
customers in order to help each relationship reach its full potential and strength, as well as to attract new customers through referrals.

Creating a communications program for some of the most tech-savvy consumers called for an innovative approach that combines friendliness, sophistication and ease of use.

Increase brand loyalty and retention. In effect, build a firewall around the consumer to protect the relationship from competing offers or an isolated negative experience.

Reduce churn. Drive down customer turnover in an industry that is notoriously volatile, thereby retaining revenue, advocates and market share.

Entertain. Provide a solution that, like the company itself, makes life not only more convenient but also more fun for customers.

Reconfigure the company’s existing two-version customer e-newsletter program, which was somewhat cumbersome and impersonal.

Create a dynamic e-newsletter that would encourage readership by providing information that customers have personally identified as interesting or valuable to them.

Maintain monthly mailings to keep content and customer profile data as fresh and current as possible.

Implement a dynamic monthly e-newsletter with a high degree of customer-selected content. Customers received an introductory e-mail inviting them to choose from a list of seven key categories of interest, including games, technology, movies, sports, lifestyle, music and personal finances. The program populates e-newsletter content based on each customer’s selections, as well as the product(s) to which he or she subscribes. In addition, all three product lines within the suite of services — digital voice service, high-speed Internet and digital cable — are more effectively promoted through programming information, tips and special offers relevant to each customer.

After one year and more than 20 million e-mails, the e-newsletter is firmly established as a success.

Open rates have consistently beaten expectations.

Each month, a considerable percentage of customers change their content preferences, a clear indication that they are engaged in the program.

Readers frequently click through to redeem featured offers or to get more information.

Monthly unsubscribe rate is well below the industry average.

Early indications show the personalized e-newsletters deliver improved return on investment.



A leading telecommuni-
cations and entertainment company


Create a high-impact communications vehicle that will appeal to a tech-savvy customer base in a highly competitive and sophisticated market


Increase sales and use of all products
Increase brand loyalty and retention
Reduce customer churn


A customer directed monthly e-newsletter that:

Invites customers to select news and information of value to them
Populates content based on the customer’s selections and product subscriptions
Promotes the full suite of services available
Encourages readership
Offers targeted programming information, tips and special offers based on each customer’s profile


Clear evidence that customers are engaged in the program
High click-through rates
Higher than expected open rates
Improved ROI
Very low unsubscribe rate


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