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The initial reaction from G.Neil’s
customer base has been
enthusiastic, and the technology
has performed without a glitch.


G.Neil is the nation’s leading supplier of human resource compliance products for more than 1 million businesses nationwide.

G.Neil offers a service that replaces customers’ outdated posters for an annual fee. G.Neil has always moved quickly to provide customers with updated employment law posters that reflect changes in state or federal labor laws. However, a customer unaware that revised posters were already in production could be vulnerable to a competing company calling to offer posters that are already covered by the service G.Neil provides.

In light of increasingly aggressive competition, reassure existing customers that G.Neil stays up to date with all changes in labor laws and acts quickly to provide updated posters to its customers affected by these changes.

Improve retention for G.Neil and reduce confusion for customers vulnerable to competitors’ misleading marketing practices.

State and federal labor laws change with remarkable frequency, and human resource professionals rely on G.Neil to take the confusion out of compliance. Having one source for all posters ensures accurate, consistent, essential messaging. At the same time, successfully “capturing” those clients would allow G.Neil to anticipate revenue precisely and plan for future growth of its compliance product line.

Create a service that makes it easy for G.Neil’s customers to stay in compliance with mandated state and federal regulations. Enrolled customers receive advance notification that their employment law posters have changed and that updated posters will arrive soon. A nominal enrollment fee ensures that customers are invested in the program and highly unlikely to spend additional money with a G.Neil competitor.

Utilize state-of-the-art printing software that creates customized notification letters containing unique information in variable data fields, such as customer name, identification of the affected posters and a brief description of the legal changes that have occurred.

Process data and merge mail files on a weekly basis, ensuring that customers are notified quickly.

To ensure the fastest possible turnaround time, produce the one-to-one letters on First Marketing’s in-house Xerox iGen3™ digital production printer.

The poster notifications launched in May 2006. The initial reaction from G.Neil’s customer base has been enthusiastic, and the technology has performed without a glitch.



G.Neil — Sunrise, Florida


Build loyalty with employment law service customers by providing timely notification of employment law posting changes that affect their business


Reassure customers that G.Neil automatically provides revised postings when a change occurs
Reduce confusion for customers vulnerable to competitors’ misleading marketing practices


Create a notification program, which allows customers to receive notification about changes in state and federal labor laws
Produce customized notification letters on First Marketing’s Xerox iGen3™ digital production printer


Successful poster notification launch in May 2006
Enthusiastic initial reaction from client’s customer base
Glitch-free technological performance


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