Bayshore teams with First Marketing for a Web site makeover

Restructuring the Web site at with a cleaner look, new features and more user-friendly navigation.
Within the first two months of the launch, traffic spiked. The number of visits increased by 29%. The number of hits to the site increased by 172%.
As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a Web site's attractiveness is determined by its visitors. Bayshore Community Health Services surveyed its surrounding residents and found that 44% of them use the Internet for health information — up from 13% just five years ago. Bayshore was compelled to respond to its community.

"I wanted a virtual brochure for the community to use," says Patricia M. Hansen, Bayshore's director of corporate public relations. "The new site was designed to be easy to navigate and chock-full of information so that people could see who we are, what we do and learn very easily how to access our services."

Also important to Hansen was that the site complement Bayshore's other marketing efforts, like the quarterly newsletter, Currents, and a welcome piece for new residents. Since First Marketing produces these two pieces, the marketing agency was a natural choice to ensure the Web site's consistency.

"We were very pleased with the other communications products that we used. From a branding aspect, everything needed to have a similar look and feel," Hansen says.

New look, new features
In mid-May 2003, the redesigned Bayshore Web site officially launched. Included in the makeover:
  • More in-depth information about Bayshore services
  • An improved events calendar
  • A "Your Health" section, featuring interactive tools
  • An online version of Currents
  • The ability to apply for jobs online
  • A searchable database of primary care physicians and specialists
  • Micro-sites for each Bayshore affiliate
  • Bayshore feedback and First Marketing tracking reports show the employment section to be the most popular.
"We are receiving so many applications online, it's incredible," Hansen says. "It has been a wonderful tool for us, especially in this challenging recruitment environment."

Shared control
Although First Marketing hosts and maintains the site, Bayshore can add or delete information in the events calendar and physician database.

"This site was designed so we can update all of our consumer education classes very easily through an administrative tool that First Marketing built," Hansen says. "I didn't want to completely give up control of the site."

Impressive results
Within the first two months of the launch, traffic spiked. Comparing April 2003 to June 2003, the number of visits increased by 29%. The number of hits to the site increased by 172%. "The numbers tell us that the community has received the site extremely well and that they're using it," Hansen says.

Monthly reports provided by First Marketing make it easy to monitor results. "We see where people's interests lie and what services people want to learn more about," Hansen says. "That will help us shape our communications efforts going forward."

Patricia M. Hansen Director of Corporate Public Relations
Reprinted from Strategies newsletter, 4th Quarter © Nov. 2003 by First Marketing, 3300 Gateway Drive, Pompano Beach, FL 33069.

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