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Targeted, personalized communications = customer satisfaction

Are you ready to accept personalized communications as the answer to improving your level of customer satisfaction? Many studies have previously suggested that there is a connection between relevant, personalized communications and customer satisfaction. A recent study by UK-based database marketing firm GI Insight has confirmed the theory — at least in the United Kingdom.

The survey discovered that those companies that implemented relevant, personalized and targeted customer communications achieved high levels of customer satisfaction. It supports a report by U.S. firm Cap Ventures that 69 percent of consumers prefer highly personalized communications to those that are non-personalized.

Take your personal data personally

GI Insight's survey looked at satisfaction levels across a variety of industries, and respondents were asked how successful each of their suppliers had been at using the personal data they captured to deliver personalized, targeted and relevant marketing and communications.

There was a close correlation between marketing communications relevance and customer satisfaction across all the industries they studied — utilities, banks, credit cards, ISPs, mortgage finance, mobile phones, travel agents, general insurance, supermarkets, and leisure & entertainment.

Use smart personalization technology — one-to-one

One-to-one variable data printing (VDP) can customize any printed marketing piece in ways you never thought possible. In the online channel, one-to-one can dynamically deliver relevant, highly personalized content. One-to-one allows you to personalize all your materials and provide specific customers with targeted, relevant offers that appeal to them. When you increase the degree of personalization, you also dramatically increase response rates.

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