Reprinted from Strategies newsletter, 2nd Quarter � May 2002 by First Marketing, 3300 Gateway Drive, Pompano Beach, FL 33069.

Personalization for the customer

Personalization technology sorts relevant information for each individual Web site visitor. Valuable marketing data for your company. No extra work for you.

When you buy a newspaper, do you read the whole thing? Or just the entertainment section? Or maybe the business section and sports. The same intention applies to Web content. Your customers look for content that is targeted to them, then move on quickly if it�s not readily available.

That�s why First Marketing developed NetSelect(SM), a proprietary Web program that lets you appeal directly to your customers� interests � and bring them back to your site again and again.

Give customers only what they want

With NetSelect, customers go online and fill out a short profile of their preferences. Or you can pre-fill the database with demographic and other personal information you may have for each customer. For instance, a married, 40-something investor might be interested in retirement planning, tax tips and education savings. A 65-year-old HMO member might want information about prescription drugs, nutrition and osteoporosis.

Every time NetSelect customers come back to your site, they are greeted by name with a personalized welcome page listing fresh articles of interest to them. At that point, they can either click on an article title or search an archive for other relevant information.

First Marketing provides the content

With industry-dedicated client services teams, First Marketing can provide the ongoing content your site will require to build NetSelect:

  • adaptations of articles, information and promotions already developed for print
  • customized content that is refreshed as often as you like � monthly, weekly, even daily
  • interactive tools, quizzes, games
  • a search function for your archive library

What�s in it for you?

You can easily see the benefits of NetSelect to your customer communications efforts. It is also a boon to your CRM initiatives. How?

Two ways:

1. User Profile Analysis. With a database of your customers� profiles, you�ll have a mountain of valuable marketing information at your fingertips. With this information, you can do some data mining and then send targeted marketing messages to certain customer niches.

2. WebTrends� Reporting. This system tracks activity throughout the NetSelect site. This will help you to learn what content visitors are using most � and help you plan future Web development.

View an online demo

To click through an online demonstration of how NetSelect would work for a financial services client, go to . Or, for more information on this customer-friendly service, contact us and type in NetSelect on our online form.

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