Reprinted from Strategies newsletter, 3rd Quarter � July 2002 by First Marketing, 3300 Gateway Drive, Pompano Beach, FL 33069.

9 quick questions: Does your Web site make the grade?

Plug in to Effective Web strategies Do you ever wonder if your company�s Web site is the whiz-bang industry leader you think it is? Go through this short checklist and find out. (We put our own site to this test and are currently making some modifications. We�ll let you know when the enhancements are live!)

  • 1. Does your Web site have a tag line?
    Every Web site needs a tag line that explicitly summarizes what the site does and how that benefits the visitor. The tag line should also spell out how you differ from your competitors.
    Yes_____ No_____

  • 2. Does your Web site have a search feature?
    Search is one of the most important elements of any homepage. It�s essential that visitors be able to find it and use it easily.
    Yes_____ No_____

  • 3. Does your Web site include custom content?
    Custom content is the primary factor driving repeat visits to Web sites! Giving customers the opportunity to create a customized Web experience will make them more loyal to your site, your brand and your business.
    Yes_____ No_____

  • 4. Does your Web site employ the two-click rule?
    Any page on your Web site should be no more than two clicks away from your homepage. Otherwise, you risk losing your visitors� patience.
    Yes_____ No_____

  • 5. Does your Web site have interactive tools?
    Interactive tools, such as financial calculators and disease risk assessments, add stickiness to your site. In addition to generating excitement, interactive tools are a great way to tie in marketing messages and offer value-added content.
    Yes_____ No_____

  • 6. Is your Web site user friendly?
    There�s nothing more frustrating for Web surfers than sites that download slowly, contain broken links or make the process more complicated than necessary.
    Yes_____ No_____

  • 7. Does your Web site offer an opt-in e-mail newsletter?
    E-mail campaigns are an ideal medium for communicating concise, custom content on a timely and frequent basis. Current technology also allows for the collection of valuable usage data.
    Yes_____ No_____

  • 8. Does your Web site include feedback mechanisms?
    Do you really know who your online visitors are? Their demographics and the purpose of their visits? Can visitors submit comments and feedback? The answers to these questions, which can be captured with online surveys and feedback links, can help you develop and fine-tune a strategy for your online communication.
    Yes_____ No_____

  • 9. Does your Web site include a privacy policy?
    If your site gathers any customer information, include a privacy policy link on the homepage.
    Yes_____ No_____

    How did you do?

    Count your number of �Yes� answers:

    • 8-9 A � You have a great site.
    • 6-7 B � You�re paying attention.
    • 4-5 C � Not bad.
    • 2-3 D � Needs improvement.
    • 0-1 F � Nowhere to go but up.

    Tip: Now go back through the list and rate your competitor�s site.

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