Each generation has its own unique style and attitude. Knowing who they are and what they like can help you market to them more effectively.

Generation Date Born Ages

Silent Generation
Baby Boomers
Generation X
Generation Y



Here's a quick quiz to see if you can fill in the Generation Gap.
1) What fraction of the people in the Silent Generation participates regularly in a physical fitness program?

a) 1/2 b) 1/3
c) 1/4 d) 1/10

2) Which generation was once called the "me generation" due to their need for instant gratification?

a) Silent Generation
c) Generation X

b) Baby Boomers
d) Generation Y

3) Generation X tends to purchase homes:

a) Sooner than their parents did
b) Later than their parents did

4) Which generation is known to volunteer their time and service in record numbers?

a) Silent Generation
c) Generation X

b) Generation Y
d) Baby Boomers

5) Baby Boomers' main focus is now on:

a) Wellness
c) Retirement

b) Finances
d) Entertainment

6) What percentage of Generation X expects their standard of living in retirement to be greater than their parents?

a) 20% b) 30%
c) 50% d) 70%

7) Which generation is made up of the most minorities?

a) Generation X
c) Generation Y

b) Baby Boomers
d) Silent Generation

8) The Silent Generation pays most attention to which type of media:

a) Radio
c) Internet

b) TV
d) Written word

9) Which generation is fearful of words related to aging?

a) Baby Boomers
c) Generation X

b) Generation Y
d) Silent Generation

10) Generation Y is known by many names. Which of the following is one of their actual nicknames:

a) Yoga Generation
c) Echo Boomers

b) Generation Latte
d) Global Generation

If you would like to learn more about these generations' tastes and preferences, contact us and ask us to send you a FREE copy of "Talkin' About My Generation," a listing of popular books, songs, movies and TV programs, as well as the heroes, villains, and political and social events that shaped each generation.

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