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Connect with customers to increase retention

Every day the communications and technology industries are faced with new challenges from increased competition and a proliferation of products, services and providers. First Marketing consistently delivers customer relationship management for telecom, cable, wireless, VoIP and ISP/Data providers with industry-specific expertise and turnkey service. We help you effectively communicate with customers to reduce churn and build long-term profitable relationships. Our cable and wireless case studies detail full consultation and implementation of management services for major communications and technology clients. From customer research to creative production of print and electronic communications, to fulfillment and evaluation of results, we take care of everything.


Welcome Experience
Managing customer relationships for communications and technology companies can be costly. Because acquiring new customers is expensive, you need to protect your investment and grow the profitability of those customers. A quality Welcome Experience is a valuable, cost-effective tool for cross-sell/upsell and for educating customers about your products and services. It can also have a profound impact on the long-term loyalty and profitability of your customers. Welcome kits, letters and e-mails reduce customer confusion and help minimize customer service calls. Special offers can be included to encourage expanded customer relationships with your cable, telecom, wireless or other communications technology company.

A recent study by Roper Public Affairs concludes that 85 percent of customers would rather receive information through editorial content than advertising, and 75 percent said they were better informed after reading a company newsletter. For the telecom industry, newsletters offer the opportunity for multiple messages, customized content and measurable response with the lowest cost per message of any communications vehicle. Case studies in the cable and wireless sector show that an industry newsletter is the communications vehicle customers prefer. And First Marketing provides complete turnkey production of your newsletter from creative development to printing and mailing. E-newsletters can also be produced alone or as a complement to your print publication.

Dynamic e-newsletters
What separates the valuable information in your newsletter from spam? Relevance. Our dynamic e-newsletters let customers select areas of interest and populate each customer’s e-mail newsletter with content based on those preferences. Combining customer data with the preferences provided allows you to effectively provide information, products and services that are more relevant to the customer’s interests, as well as continue to bolster and manage customer relationships.

Triggered Loyalty Communications (TLC)
Triggered Loyalty Communications (TLC) can be thank-you letters, cards, letters, direct mail promotions or e-mail communications. TLC can be triggered by positive events in the customer relationship with your telecommunications company such as anniversaries or service upgrades. TLC can also be utilized to combat negative impressions following events such as service issues or rate increases following promotion roll offs. Let us show you how to turn a customer event or experience into an opportunity to communicate a relevant, timely message.

Relationship Index Survey
Find out what your customers really think of your company with a Relationship Index Survey. This research evaluates how loyal your customers are, how likely they are to make additional purchases, and even whether they are likely to recommend you to other potential customers. It is also an effective tool that helps your telecom company to better manage your customer relationships. A Relationship Index Survey can identify trouble spots you may not even know you have. In addition, it reveals untapped opportunities for growth. In less than three weeks, you’ll know exactly where you stand with your customers and have a wealth of information you can use to stem customer attrition and increase revenue.

The Power Bundle
A combination of services that work together to keep you connected to customers, the Power Bundle includes a Relationship Index Survey to identify opportunities for growth and improvements in your customer relationships. Next, the Power Bundle includes a printed or online newsletter program. Finally, we’ll conduct another Relationship Index Survey to evaluate the impact of your program on customer loyalty and retention with quantitative, statistically valid insights. The Power Bundle also includes turnkey production of your newsletter from First Marketing’s team of communications specialists.


One-to-one personalization
About 63 percent of American consumers say that mass media advertising is not relevant, but when you get personal with customers, you get their attention. You will effectively increase response rates with tools for customer relationship management that offer real personalized content. Research indicates that personalization increases response rates by as much as 500% over your average response rate when using full color. Today’s technology allows for more than just variable names and addresses. We can now mine customer data to create individualized offers, sales messages and experiences that are unique for each customer.

Our expertise can help you determine when and where one-to-one will be most effective. High-value opportunities, such as cross-sell and upsell promotions that require precisely targeted offers to address needs at a specific life cycle or product usage stage, offer the best return on your one-to-one investment.

Get real-world solutions that break through the toughest customer challenges with Eureka. This accelerated strategic process combines our industry knowledge, customer expertise and research analysis to reveal fresh insights and create strategies for taking advantage of untapped opportunities in managing customer relationships.

Our unique, accelerated loyalty program planning process, Catapult defines your loyalty opportunities, develops the program with creative concepts, outlines the necessary technology and tests your plan with customers. The Catapult process results in a complete plan for your customer loyalty program that is ready to be implemented.

Channel Options
This online ordering program enables corporate control of branding in marketing materials, while allowing local personalization of those materials for multiple regions and systems or multiple sales representatives and authorized dealers.

Cable and wireless case studies show retaining customers is key, and managing customer relationships is critical. First Marketing can develop and manage effective tools such as a personalized telecom industry newsletter and channel marketing program.

Contact First Marketing for specific solutions that help keep you and your customers connected.


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