Marketing tip of the month

Did you know that the average person consults a calendar at least 10 times a day? Think of the brand exposure you could receive if that calendar was yours. Integrate into your marketing mix one of the most effective advertising vehicles today. In fact, custom calendars are the only advertising consumers actually ask for.

  Standard Specs, Custom Quality -
There’s nothing standard about our standard-format calendars. See for yourself when you click on the graphics of these custom calendars, all uniquely branded but produced according to the following specifications:

Page size: 8.5 × 11
Number of pages: 24, plus cover
Page stock: 80# text matte
Cover stock: 80# cover matte
Color: 4/4 color with spot varnish
Stitched: with one hole drilled

  Order Yours Today -
For more information, contact your Business Development Manager. Drop us a note at: [email protected], or call us at 1.800.736.0145.

Order by September 30, 2005 - $.99 each.

All prices are based on quantities of 25,000 calendars or more
per order.

Click on the sample
calendars below.

Drop us a note at: [email protected], or call us at 1.800.736.0145.