New research reveals that customers are three to six times more likely to buy again from companies that have a strong focus on customer relationships and personalized communications.

Customers say personalized, intelligent service and communication are the most important factors in determining the likelihood of future purchases. Another key element is the company’s ability to recognize each customer’s profile, preferences and purchase history, and to provide communications and targeted offers that are appropriate and personal.

Use your customer information for personalized, targeted messages
Your customer database is a treasure trove of information you can use to provide the level of individual attention your customers want. Advanced data analytics and personalization technology can be utilized to provide unique communications and experiences for your customers whether they interact with your company in person, on the phone, on the Web, by mail or e-mail. With the segmentation capability offered by today’s research technology and on-demand, variable data digital printing, you can create an ongoing program of personal communications and continuing opportunities for additional interaction through all your communication and sales channels.

Keep communicating and keep customers engaged
To be most effective, your communications should encourage customers to become actively engaged rather than simply being a passive recipient of information. For example, a financial newsletter article on home loans could offer an opportunity for customers to register for a seminar on financing a first home. The point is to continue offering more opportunities for active involvement. Using a series of highly targeted communications and interactions triggered by customer responses can help keep customers engaged and influence desired behaviors, whether that means additional purchases, contract renewals, referrals, donations or even more personal behaviors such as healthy lifestyle changes.

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