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  Established in 1972, First Marketing began by providing services to financial companies to help them communicate
with their customers. Through the years, the company expanded to work with many other industries.

  First Marketing’s parent company is Taylor Corporation. Taylor owns more than 80 diverse companies focused on marketing, printing and consumer services. These resources allow First Marketing to provide broader solutions to its clients.


  In addition to offering education, retention and loyalty solutions to leading companies nationwide, First Marketing has several divisions that provide additional services or reach other markets. These include (Pi) Patient interaction, Healthy Solutions and our automotive division, formerly known as Progressive Communications International (PCI).

  (Pi) Patient interaction helps facilitate, accelerate and enhance study enrollment through innovative techniques, such as data-driven analytical tools and non-traditional recruitment advertising.

  Healthy Solutions brings education and awareness to health issues, product promotion, breakthrough science and emerging techniques by using progressive media channels, such as broadcast, Web interactive and variable digital printing.

  PCI has been helping automotive dealers increase repeat, referral and service business for more than 30 years. The division now operates under the First Marketing name as the company continues to expand the scope of its customer communications solutions.  

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