Newsletter Readership Study

Uncovering proof of the power of newsletters was the goal when First Marketing launched the Newsletter Readership Study in 1991. Through independent research, we set out to evaluate the effectiveness of the custom newsletters created for our clients. Several years and thousands of responses later, we remain committed to this effort.

In conjunction with David Sparks and Associates of Clemson, South Carolina, we compiled the results of our many surveys within the financial, healthcare, travel and telecommunications industries.

Widely regarded as the most unique and important research report regarding newsletters, the Newsletter Readership Study provides evidence that newsletters are not only an effective cornerstone of a communications program, but a proven medium and an important part of an integrated marketing strategy.

We are proud to share the results with you and believe that by studying the contents of each Market Report listed below, you will gain a thorough understanding of the powerful and professional qualities of First Marketing's custom newsletters.

Consider how one First Marketing client uses benchmarking to provide perspective on its ongoing newsletter program. Click here for the full story.

Report for Co-Branded/Affinity Card Programs
Report for Consumer Banking Services
Report for Credit Card Issuers
Report for Grocery Loyalty
Report for Hospitals and Health Systems
Report for Investment Services
Report for Managed Care Providers
Report for Senior Banking Programs
Report for Small-Business Market
Report for the Travel Industry
Report for Wireless Providers

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