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This Web adaptation of First Marketing's corporate newsletter mirrors the printed editions we regularly mail to our friends and clients across numerous industries.

Strategies Online provides useful information for marketing and business executives by featuring industry trends, strategies for customer communications, suggestions for meeting objective-driven marketing goals, ideas for increasing profitability through retention and ways to help companies enhance brand image. Please view our Feature Article to learn some practical applications of marketing concepts, while our market-specific articles touch on key issues within various industries.

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Feature Article:
Breaking new ground to meet today's marketing challenges

Business Strategies
Torn between technology and customer service?
Consider the "Cyber-Service" compromise
Managed Care Strategies
Managing the message:
Countering bad press about managed care
Consumer Credit Strategies
The up-and-coming big dog of minorities:
Yo Quiero Español
Pharmaceutical Strategies
Improving patient compliance:
A winning strategy for pharmaceuticals
Entertainment Strategies
Merger? Don't let your best customers
become a casualty

Retail Banking Strategies
Emphasize the positive about service
to change the perception of fees
Grocery Strategies
LTV -- an often overlooked concept
that demands more attention
Retail Stores Strategies
LTV: Valuing your customer for life . . .
not simply for the next purchase

Investment Strategies
Clearing up plan education confusion:
How much is "too much" and "not enough"?

Telecommunications Strategies
Merger mania presents an opportunity
to communicate with your best customers
Insurance Strategies
Turn data into dialogue with high-tech publishing options
Travel Strategies
Communication is key in reassuring customer about the Y2K problem
Hospitals and Integrated Health Systems Strategies
Positioning is key to allaying
public concerns over Y2K compliance


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