First Marketing Company is committed to proving the value of the media in which we work. That is why we commissioned the Newsletter Readership Study (NRS), an ongoing research study that measures the effectiveness of newsletters. Widely regarded as the most unique and authoritative study in the newsletter industry, the NRS provides evidence that newsletters are not only an important part of the media mix, they are a proven medium. First Marketing Company also commissions extensive marketplace studies in conjunction with individual clients to address questions on retention, the effectiveness of newsletters vs. other media, and benchmark comparison studies.

In conjunction with David Sparks and Associates of Clemson, South Carolina, we recently compiled the results of 37 surveys targeting more than 25,000 readers. The results represent an aggregate of more than 6,500 responses from a variety of industries.

The survey is designed to address the following objectives:

  • Measure general recall and recognition of the newsletters among recipients.
  • Determine scope and depth of readership.
  • Assess reader behavior with respect to usage and pass along.
  • Establish reader preferences regarding article content.
  • Evaluate key attributes of the newsletters.
  • Measure reader response to offers and premiums, and establish the extent to which readers are motivated to use services offered by the sponsor.

The information in this report focuses on the value of custom newsletters as a medium. The results achieved in specific industries and for specific target audiences may vary significantly. Break-out reports are available for the following:

  • Banking
  • Investment
  • Credit Card (Bank Cards and Affinity Programs)
  • Hospitals
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Travel
  • Telecommunications
  • Cable

Are you interested in reviewing the detailed results of the NRS report, which show how newsletters impact your industry? Just click here to request your complimentary copy today.

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