If you haven’t heard of First Marketing Company, that’s OK. We’re quite familiar with you and your industry.

First Marketing strategically decided to expand into the Retail Industry beginning in 1998, with grocery stores as the first segment to be tapped. However, those plans started two years prior, giving us plenty of time to do our homework.

For the past 26 years, First Marketing has produced targeted communications programs for the Credit Card, Banking, Investment Services, Health Care, Travel, Entertainment and Telecommunications industries. Our client list is quite impressive, as are the results of the publications we produce. We bring a vast amount of experience to any new market we enter. And the Retail Industry offers a good fit for our services and skills.

How would you benefit? A regular communications program through First Marketing
can help you:

  • increase sales volume.
  • raise average transaction amount.
  • promote store loyalty.
  • build membership in a customer loyalty program.
  • enhance your presence on the Internet through our NetLetter product.
  • offer discounts to reward customer relationships through our Value
    Partners Program.
  • streamline the statement vehicle with our Smart Newsletter concept.
  • facilitate language translations within the communications format.
  • create a two-way communications vehicle - through the use of business
    reply cards and/or reply flaps that solicit customer feedback.

Retail Banking
Managed Care