It's not easy to get, much less keep, the attention of the businessperson. Awash in too much information, they skim, scan and screen their way through piles of paperwork and reading materials on a daily basis. How can you be sure that your message will survive this trial by fire? You can start by providing the kind of information that helps these decision makers succeed at what they're doing. You don't want to just push product, you want to provide valuable information and stress the problem-solving aspects of your products and services. Now you've got their attention!

For over 25 years, the Business Group at First Marketing has been developing targeted communications for business owners, executives and independent professionals. Our extensive research facilities, supported by our network of affiliated business experts, amass cutting edge information and resources that create the foundation for content-rich communications. Let this experienced team provide you with your own targeted communications package - a blend of value-added content and promotional material designed to attract new prospects and retain current customers.

Target Markets:

  • Small business
  • Middle market business
  • Real estate
  • Utilities
  • Business travel
  • Business health

Retail Banking
Managed Care