"You're Not Providing True Service Until EVERYONE Is Your Customer." Every person you come in contact with is important. Here are tips to pass on to your service representatives. THE SUPERVISOR'S GUIDE TO CUSTOMER SERVICE & RETENTION, August 9, 1999, p. 4.

"Translate That, Please!" This article explains how to capitalize on the nation's growing immigrant population. Two banks which have been on fast forward for many years in creating non-English marketing and outreach strategies are Bank United in Houston and The Dime Savings Bank of New York. AMERICA'S COMMUNITY BANKER, August 1999, pp. 15-17.

"Banks Lead In Trustworthiness, But Margin Narrows." When bank customers were asked to compare their trust and confidence in banks versus other types of financial organizations they had used, banks almost invariably came out ahead. FINANCIAL SERVICES MARKETING, July/August 1999, pp. 7A,19A, which follow page 28.

"Banks In Position To Keep Investors As Customers." Through a combination of new thrusts and historical strengths, banks may finally be in a position to dissuade customers from taking their investment dollars to a Merrill Lynch or a Fidelity Investments. FINANCIAL SERVICES MARKETING, July/August 1999, pp. 9A,18A, which follow page 28.

"Consumers Show Interest In New Products But Are Buying Fewer Of Them." In the American Banker/Gallup Consumer Survey, the proportion of bank customers who said they would be interested in buying at least one investment-related service from their banks--financial planning, securities, mutual funds, insurance--rose to 62% from 54% in 1996. FINANCIAL SERVICES MARKETING, July/August 1999, p. 17A, which follows page 28.

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