Slower Growth And Less Competition." Although HMO enrollment continues to climb, the rate of growth is slowing, according to recent data. ON MANAGED CARE, September 1999, p. 1.

"Managed Care Industry Should Approach Downsizing With Caution." In recent years, blockbuster mergers and acquisitions have ushered in sweeping changes for the managed care industry. Invariably, such consolidations bring the temptation for the newly formed or surviving entity to slash its work force, thereby taking advantage of economies of scale, boosting efficiency and trimming payroll costs. ON MANAGED CARE, September 1999, pp. 7-8.

"Education Can Increase Loyalty And Decrease Costs." While the importance of developing customer loyalty is well understood, research indicates that consumers are receptive to health and wellness education, which can: Improve patient health and reduce the cost of care; change demand for healthcare services positively; allow employers to recognize these programs as an effective cost-cutting strategy; and, make good investments for health plans because education is linked to member loyalty. MANAGED HEALTHCARE, August 1999, pp. 26-28.

"Communicating About HMO Pullouts Requires Issue-Focused Messages." When 95 health plans announced last month they would have to pull out of the managed care Medicare marketplace, seniors were forced to become much more involved in the business of managed Medicare and the politics of federal reimbursement. Communication about these massive exits requires sensitive, proactive, multi-departmental and logistical prowess. HEALTHCARE PR & MARKETING NEWS, August 5, 1999, pp. 1,5.

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