FMC artists, editors, programmers and account managers spend many hours
customizing a NetLetter for best presentation on the Web and for each CLIENT's needs. We rewrite articles or produce them from scratch. We also create interactive tools, navigational buttons and graphics, and research hyperlinks. A monthly report details user activity, which helps us improve the NetLetter in future issues.

The cast:

  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Digital Media Designer / Programmer
  • Account Manager
  • Staff Writers
  • Art Director
  • Production Traffic Manager
  • Proofreader

1. Adapt or write newsletter articles

  • Edit newsletter articles for length and content
  • Research new topic ideas for new articles

2. Adapt or select artwork

  • Adapt the newsletter masthead for the Web
  • Create new art pieces for articles or treat existing pieces for use on the Web

3. Create an interface

  • Develop a design appropriate to the Web to convey the client's intended message
  • Work with client's technical staff to develop programmed HTML pages that meet client specifications and integrate with client's site
  • Design a navigation system that carries visitors through the NetLetter and back to client's site
  • Develop interactive tools that tie into articles or stand alone as response devices
  • Create and implement requested programming and special services

4. Research/create external and internal links

  • Research and include value-added external links to non-competing Web sites such as stock quotes, weather, news and information
  • Research client's Web site and create links from articles to relevant areas of the client's site

5. Spend account service time for direction, changes and approvals

6. Coordinate live date with client's Webmasters

7. Host completed HTML pages

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