1. Set objectives. Give your publication a job description. What do you expect it to accomplish? Put your objectives in writing and share them with everyone involved in writing and designing your publication.

2. Maintain consistent distribution. Research proves that custom publications build readership over time. To maximize readership levels, publish at least quarterly and be consistent. Don't skip issues.

3. Balance content. Ideally, you should include approximately a 50/50 blend of general-interest and product-related information.

4. Know your audience. Consider your audience's age range, average education level, ethnic makeup, gender split and other meaningful characteristics when choosing topics, writing style, design and graphics.

5. Rely on experts. Use experienced copywriters and designers trained in your industry as well as in direct marketing principles and techniques.

6. Use graphics effectively. Photos, illustrations and other graphics attract the eye and enhance readership. Diagrams and charts can illustrate a specific point or clarify a complex concept.

7. Make response easy. Include toll-free phone numbers, coupons, fold-over reply forms and business reply cards for your readers' convenience.

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